Hey everyone! Here's an update for those of you who care!
Just so you know I'm no longer posting things on here but it'll sit here all pretty for you to scroll through if you'd like.
My new tumblr is here if you want to check it out or message me - though some of you dear friends added me on facebook so I dunno if you really need that....
I've stopped using this tumblr because of school (I'm in college now :O) and the work load is all crazy and stuff. Pluuuusss I have real life friends now (most who I met on Tumblr, including my current awesome roommate)!! And also a boyfriend (WHAT?! How'd this happen?! I dunno it still weirds me out a little).

So yes that's my update. Hope you are all well and have a good day~
Sherlock: Shutup
Watson: I didn't say anything.
Sherlock: Yes, but you were thinking it and it's annoying.
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